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For the New version see Ancient Spirits of Evil (2011 TV series)

Ancients Spirits of Evil
First appearance | The Unholy Alliance
Last appearance | The Book of Omens
Appeared in | 25 episodes
Name | Ancients Spirits of Evil

The Ancient Spirits of Evil are evil spirits that Mumm-Ra summons in order to transform himself into Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living. In addition, he sometimes invokes the Ancient Spirits of Evil to transform himself from Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living to other forms to suit his purposes, such as the Netherwitch (The Astral Prison) or Diamondfly. The spirits are represented by four large statues surrounding the cauldron.

Mumm-Ra uses the following invocation to summon the spirits to perform his transformation:

"Ancient Spirits of Evil,
Transform this decayed form,
to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!"


The Ancient Spirits of Evil are the source of Mumm-Ra's powers and they control him. They would provide Mumm-Ra with whatever knowledge they could give him.

When the Ancient Spirits of Evil were getting disappointed with Mumm-Ra's repeated failures, they demand that he destroy the ThunderCats or else he, the Mutants, and the Lunataks would be forcefully removed from Third Earth, they make Ma-Mutt disappear as an example. When Mumm-Ra fails and the deadline passes, the Ancient Spirits of Evil trap Mumm-Ra in a crystal with his transport pyramid and cast him away from Third Earth. When the ThunderCats decide to colonize New Thundera to rebuild it after destroying Mumm-Ra's pyramid, the Ancient Spirits of Evil free Mumm-Ra and rebuild his cauldron on Third Earth. Since then, they would summon one of their minions to help Mumm-Ra in his plots to destroy the ThunderCats.

In "Leah," the Ancient Spirits of Evil summoned Mirror Wraith to help Mumm-Ra. After Mirror Wraith was defeated by the ThunderCats and ended up back at Mumm-Ra's pyramid, he had the Ancient Spirits of Evil deal with him. The Ancient Spirits of Evil teleported the Mirror Wraith away.

In "The Book of Omens," Mumm-Ra steals the Book of Omens from the ThunderCats and infiltrates it as the Ancient Spirits of Evil try to stop Lion-O with the Bull Statue falling apart in this attempt. When Mumm-Ra was losing to Lion-O and he calls upon them for help, the Ancient Spirits of Evil use Mumm-Ra's cauldron to summon their champion Pyron.

The Four Statues

There are four anthropomorphic statues that seem to correspond to the Ancient Spirits of Evil:

  • Boar - resembles the hog men in Mandora the Evil Chaser
  • Crocodile
  • Bull - in Episode 61, Lion-O's Trial of Evil, the head of the Bull statue is broken off. It fell apart again when Lion-O tried to infiltrate the Book of Omens after it as stolen by Mumm-Ra.
  • Vulture - in Episode 33, Dimension Doom, Mumm-Ra refers to this one as 'the Vulture King'

Mumm-Ra's interaction with the statues changes after his defeat at Fire Rock Mountain. The statues each hold out an arm and circle the cauldron, creating a lurid green glow while transforming Mumm-Ra to Ever-Living form. This imbues Mumm-Ra with additional power.

Other Forces of Darkness

  • Anuket, Anubis, and Apophis - in Episode 35, Sword in a Hole; summoned by Mumm-Ra while in proximity to the Black Hole

Other Ancient Spirits

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