Anet 225px
First appearance | Sight Beyond Sight (Episode)
Voiced by | Kevin Michael Richardson
Name | Anet
Gender | Male
Species | Elephant
Affiliation | Elephants,
Weapon(s) | None

Anet is a member of the Elephants race and is an ally of the ThunderCats.


Anet appears to be a high ranking spiritual leader among the Elephants. After he and Lion-O meet, Anet personally instructs Lion-O in the use of "Sight Beyond Sight".

Anet has the ability to see visions of the future. He once saw a vision of Tygra betraying Lion-O.

In "Between Brothers" he and the rest of the Elephants help the ThunderCats by warding off the Lizard Army.

In What Lies Above, Part 2 he hitched a ride in the Forever Bag , came to Avista and helped Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats Fight Mumm-Ra.



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