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Armor of Omens

The Armor of Omens is the last and most powerful form of the Lord of the Thundercats. It is summoned from the Gauntlet of Omens after it is fused with the Spirit Stone. It has not been seen in any episode except for Legacy where Lion-o/Leo fight in it where it was forged by the Spirit Stone.


  • The armor greatly increases the wielders size and physical strength, enables him to fly, possess massively increased durablity and resistance to attacks, according to what type of Power Stone has been fused with the Gauntlet of Omens.
  • It is capable of allowing the wielder to survive the vacuum of Outer Space.


  • The design of this armor is covered with Golden aspects that are structured in angular positions, which bears the resemblance of a majestic lion (symbolising the title of kingship held by the Lord of the ThunderCats).
  • The suit also features a tail.



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