Armor of Plun-Darr

The Armor of Plun-darr is the final form of Mumm-Ra's Sword and Gauntlet.


  • When wearing the Armor Mumm-Ra's size enhances, making him around fifteen to eighteen feet tall.The structure of this armor covers every aspect of his body, (even his wings) which allows him to fly in the vaccum of space and possibly in sunlight.
  • It should be known that the armor's level of power depends on how many Power Stones it has integrated into it's shield.


  • The design of this armor is decorated with dark aspects and the lower part is adorned with a battle skirt resembling a Mesopotamian battle suit.
  • The helmet on his head is now covered with a skull like mask that is connected with a cobra hood surrounding his neck and the snakes on the top of his hemlet now bear the appearance of cobras.


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