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Babylonian Barbarian Boiler
Episode 124 - Ma-Mutt's Confusion - Ma-Mutt with Bucket
First appearance | Ma-Mutt's Confusion
Name | Babylonian Barbarian Boiler
Affiliation | Mumm-Ra

The Babylonian Barbarian Boiler is an ancient heat ray weapon that Mumm-Ra uses to liquefy the Cats Lair on New Thundera.


The boiler is first shown wrapped in mummification bandages.  Mumm-Ra asks Ma-Mutt to help carry the bandages away, but Ma-Mutt instead plays with the bandages and ends up tripping Mumm-Ra.  This is only the first problem Mumm-Ra runs into.

The contraption requires lots of fuel in the form of magic water from the cauldron.  Ma-Mutt drinks from the bucket Mumm-Ra is using, which annoys Mumm-Ra so much he expels Ma-Mutt from the pyramid.  However, even in normal operation the device requires an excessive volume of water, prompting Mumm-Ra to complain about the terrible fuel efficiency.

Later, when the ThunderCats start to block the heat ray with a gigantic Light Shield (inspired by Lynx-O's), Mumm-Ra cranks the boiler up to full power and it then requires near constant refueling.



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