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Bandai unveiled it's ThunderCats toy line at the 2011 New York Toy Fair. The toy line consisted of three different lines, including an 8" action figure line based on the original 1980s animated series .

The 4" action figure line focuses on the new ThunderCats animated series  produced by Warner Bros. Animation Studio. Each of the figures in the 4" line can interact with the different vehicles and playsets using the "ThunderLynx" magnetic action feature.[1]

The 6" action figure line is also based on the new series and is catered towards the adult collector. Each figure in this line includes high detail and articulation.[2]

Finally, the 8" Classics line includes figures with 18 points of articulation and high detail. The first two figures being Lion-O and Tygra.[3]

Role play toys include a basic, 6 inch Sword of Omens, a basic Claw Shield, and a Deluxe Sword of Omens. Both versions of the sword extend and swing open at the hilt, with the Deluxe Sword also featuring lights and sounds. The smaller, basic Sword can store inside the Claw Shield.

The toys were released in August 2011, following the premier of the new series.

List of Toys Released

ThunderCats 2011 TV Series 4"

ThunderCats 2011 TV Series 6"

ThunderCats Classic TV Series 6"

ThunderCats Classic TV Series 8"


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