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First appearance | The Terror of Hammerhand
Last appearance | Together We Stand
Name | Berserkers
Gender | Male

The Berserkers are a band of pirates lead by Captain Hammerhand.


They were a very odd band of pirates who first appeared pillaging the northern shores of the Unicorn Forest (in the episode The Terror of Hammerhand ). They have a habit of repeating certain words or phrases three times.

The original Berserkers were apparently all killed when their ship was sunk, but Hammerhand was later mystically resurrected by Mumm-Ra in Spitting Image, who summoned up his spirit to animate a clone of Panthro which he had created. When the plan failed, Hammerhand's spirit broke Mumm-Ra's control, and the clone body shifted into Hammerhand's original form before departing.

When he next appeared, in the Season 2 five-part movie, ThunderCats Ho! The Movie, Hammerhand had reformed the Berserkers with new members endowed with cybernetic bodies and powers like his own.



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