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First appearance | The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin
Last appearance | The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin
Name | Charr-Nin
Gender | Male
Weapon(s) | Magic
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden

Charr-Nin is a genie who is released from the Great Golden Harp by WilyKit and WilyKat.


The Thunderkittens stumble into a hole while out exploring on their Space Boards. This is where they find a golden harp and first release Charr-Nin and discover his powers.

The Thunderkittens hatch a plan to bring the harp to Lion-O to surprise him, but Mumm-Ra seizes the opportunity to interfere, disguising himself as a Bolkin and gaining entry to Cats Lair.

Mumm-Ra promises Charr-Nin freedom in exchange for granting his request to eliminate the ThunderCats.  Charr-Nin abducts Lion-O, binding him in a remote cave.  The Thunderkittens activate the harp to confront him and end up bound with Lion-O in the same cave, but once it is revealed that Mumm-Ra has lied, Charr-Nin's attention is diverted to fighting Mumm-Ra, and the ThunderCats manage to escape.

The ensuing battle with Mumm-Ra causes the cave to collapse and it is unknown what becomes of Charr-Nin or the golden harp.


He is most likely voiced by Bob McFadden.


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