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Child of Gorgon
First appearance | The Mask of Gorgon
Last appearance | The Mask of Gorgon
Name | Child of Gorgon
Gender | Male
Species | Giant
Affiliation | Third Earth
Weapon(s) | Magic
Voiced by  | None

The Child of Gorgon is an evil giant that was imprisoned in stone thousands of years ago, The formation became known as the Hills of Elfshima, an anagram for I AM FLESH. Mumm-Ra woke the Child by using the Sword of Omens' Sight Beyond Sight ability on the Mask of Gorgon. Lynx-O and Ben-Gali in the Thunderstrike defeated the giant by shooting it in its eardrum. When the mask gets smashed apart, restoring everyone who had been turned to stone, the giant back is turned back into the the Hills of Elfshima.


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