First appearance | Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 2
Last appearance | Cracker's Revenge
Name | Chilla
Gender | Female
Affiliation | Lunataks
Voiced by  | Gerrianne Raphael

Chilla is a female Lunatak from the ice moon of Plun-Darr.


Chilla has command over cold and heat by the power of her expelled breath, blowing to freeze the air around a target in seconds to immobilize them, or heating it through her optical heat beams to incite flames to burn them. She has little regard for life and sometimes uses her powers willfully out of spite. Her one major weakness is rock salt, known for its ability to melt ice. Out of all the Lunataks, Chilla is the most humanoid. A loner of the group, Chilla often times bosses the Mutants around to help her attempt to defeat the ThunderCats and take all the glory for herself.

She is the one who froze Pumyra when she got close to the Lunatek lair in Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 5, she also froze Cheetara in The Wild Workout while riding a vehicle.




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