‘’Day of the Eclipse" is the eighty fourth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Day of the Eclipse
Original Airdate October 2,1987
Episode Number 84
Written By Kimberly B. Morris
Season 2


The day of the centennial total eclipse has arrived and any spell Mumm-Ra casts will last until the next eclipse. He declares a "Day of Decay" on the Cats Lair causing it to fall apart.

The Thundercats first notice this when some of the machines start to fall apart and fail. Lion-O and Panthro must fight the Mutants while having problems running the ThunderTank. They still manage to defeat the Mutants, but crash the Thundertank. Lion-O realizes that this must be Mumm-Ra's evil work and goes to the pyramid to stop Mumm-Ra.

Meanwhile Cats Lair is getting worse as Cheetara and Tygra rush to fix things in the lair but are attacked by the Lunataks. They defeat the Lunataks temporarily, but the Lunataks return to finish off the Lair. In order to break the spell, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to block out the sun




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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