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‘’Dream Master" is the fifty sixth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Dream Master
Original Airdate December 9,1985
Episode Number 56
Written By Heather M. Winters,Annabelle Gurwitch
Season 1


Mumm-ra transforms himself into the Dream Master, and gains the power to control the Thundercats' dream selves. All except Lion-O. They all become slaves to Mumm-ra the Dream Master in their sleep, but when they wake up, they are just tired. However, when the Thundercats sleep again, Mumm-ra captures their dream selves in little bottles, and when Lion-O tries to wake them up, he can't. He goes and fights Mumm-ra, and frees the other Thundercats' dream selves. They wake up, come running, and help to defeat Mumm-ra again.





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