For the 2011 version, see Driller (2011 TV series)

First appearance | Spitting Image
Last appearance | Mechanical Plague
Name | Driller
Species | Drill
Affiliation | Mumm-Ra
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden

The Driller is a mysterious mechanoid inhabitant of Third Earth. He uses his drill to bore tunnels and looks for diamonds to sharpen his drill. He also has the power to teleport.


He is a mercenary who works for diamonds because he needs them to keep his drill-points sharp. He was once hired by Mumm-Ra to capture Panthro to make an evil Panthro clone.

Driller 2

"My services.. for your diamonds"

The Driller was hired by Mumm-Ra again to make a tunnel from Acid Lake to Cats Lair in order to destroy the super fortress out from under the ThunderCats. Then Driller fought Cheetara during a mechanical plague. Finally, the Driller joined Jackalman ’s rebellion against the ThunderCats and the Mutants alike.



  • In Spitting Image, he mentions that a driller must keep his drill-points sharp, possibly indicating there are more of his kind.

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