Electro charger
Name | Electro-charger
Affiliation | Alien

The Electro-charger is Mandora's vehicle. It is a space bike and resembles a modified police motorcycle. It is capable of seating up to three people. Mandora uses it to patrol the galaxy as well as travel to and from planets such as Third Earth and the Gray Prison Planet .


The Electro-charger is an extremely versatile and easily maneuverable vehicle. It is capable of interstellar and surface transport, both on land and in the air. The bike can also be controlled by remote control. Once configured with the correct co-ordinates, it can be sent to any part of the galaxy.

While the vehilce itself does not posess any weapons, it does have a compartment where Mandora stores her "Enzyme Catalyzer".

Mandora taught Lion-O to drive the Electro charger when he was helping her to arrest Plutar, Burnout and Quick pick . Later in the series when Mandora was captured by Captain Cracker and locked in the Jolly Rogers , she sent the bike to Lion-O via remote control and he was able to ride it to the pirate ship to rescure her.


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