Enflamer ful
First appearance | All that Glitters
Last appearance | Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil
Name | Enflamer
Gender | Male
Species | Magical Creature
Affiliation | Third Earth
Weapon(s) | Fire
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden

The Enflamer is a magical creature with mastery over fire who lives inside a volcano.


After being tricked into fighting each other by Mumm-ra, Tygra's Bolo whip shatters the Sword of Omens. The only one who can reforge the blade is the Enflamer. He offers to help, but after a Mutant attack he is drained of his powers.

After a bath in molten gold, the Enflamer's powers are restored and he reforges the Sword. Unexpectedly, he turns against the ThunderCats and taunts Lion-O. The Berbils reveal that this is because he is actually a mercenary. Enflamer is defeated and reverted back to his weaker form.



Enflamer's weaker form.

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