First appearance | The Tower of Traps
Last appearance | The Sound Stones
Name | Gargoyles
Gender | Male
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden

Gargoyles from The Tower of Traps are a race of winged demon-like humanoids made of stone. They were often used by certain powerful figures on Third Earth as either guardians or servants. Many of them resided within the Black Tower where they served their Baron Karnor as thieves and robbers. Two Gargoyles also appear in the episode The Sound Stones in service to the priestess Sondora and aided her in guarding the Sound Stones and protected her temple.


Because of their stone bodies they have a high endurance. However, when they are thrown against a hard surface or collid with each other, they crumble to dust.



  • They are based on the real world stone statues of the same name, which were used in ancient times to frighten evil spirits. Ironic as in their first appearance in the series they are used to commit acts of evil instead.

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