Gaw Rak Rak
Gaw Rak Rak
First appearance | The Astral Prison
Last appearance | Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed
Name | Gaw Rak Rak
Gender | Male
Species | Beast

The Gaw Rak Rak is a giant two-headed beast that lives in the River of Despair . It resembles a Brontosaurus but its heads are more snake-like in appearance and they even posess forked tongues. It has powerful claws on each of its four legs and a long tail. It lurks hidden below the river waters in the area near the Bridge of Slime and the Whirlpool of Infinity and attacks anyone who ventures near its territory.

Lion-O encounters the beast twice during the course of the series. The first time is when he is trying to reach the Pit of the Nether Witch by crossing the Bridge of Slime. The creature attacks Lion-O on the bridge but he avoids its attacks by engaging in some fancy acrobatics and the Gaw Rak Rak eventually tires and retreats.

The second encounter happens during Liion-O's Trial of Speed when Lion-O emerges from the Whirlpool of Infinity. This time the beast emerges from the river and pursues Lion-O even on land but Lion-O manages to escape it.


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