Hector Elizondo
Hector Elizondo
First appearance | The Forest of Magi Ore
Last appearance | The Forest of Magi Ore
Name | Hector Elizondo
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Hector Elizondo (born December 22, 1936) is an American actor. His best known roles include Joe in The Princess Diaries and its sequel, Barney in Pretty Woman, Kominski in New Year's Eve, John in Beverly Hills Cop 3 and Edgar in Valentine's Day. 

As a voice actor, his roles include Ioz in Pirates of Dark Water and additional voices in Fish Police.. Director/producer Garry Marshall considers Hector to be his "good luck charm", and as such has offered him a role in each of his movies.

He provided the voice of Viragor in the new ThunderCats (2011 TV series).

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