First appearance | The Terror of Hammerhand
Last appearance | Together We Stand
Name | Hammerhand
Gender | Male
Species | Thunderian
Affiliation | Berserkers
Weapon(s) | Metal Hand
Voiced by  | Earl Hammond

Hammerhand is a cyborg pirate from Third Earth.


Captain Hammerhand first appeared in the episode The Terror of Hammerhand. He and his companions, the Berserkers, were trying to capture unicorns from the unicorn forest, luckily Snarf was there to step in and help and protected several unicorns but was then captured himself. Taken out to sea Hammerhand was holding Snarf and a baby unicorn captive. Using the Sword of Omens' "Sight Beyond Sight" ability, Lion-O saw Snarf was in trouble and went to rescue them. After a battle with the Thundercats Hammerhand and his band of Berserkers were sunk by a whirlpool.

Mumm-Ra later raised Hammerhand from his watery grave so that he can occupy the cloned body of Panthro. Lion-O managed to defeat the imposter with help from the Sword of Omens' powers. Hammerhand in Panthro's body returned to Mumm-Ra and destroyed the cloning machine in anger. The clone body then shifts to Hammerhand's body before disappearing.

Hammerhand later returned with a new bunch of pirates when Mumm-Ra hired them to capture Lynx-O, Pumyra, Bengali, and two Berbils who had crashed on an island following the destruction of Thundera.


  • Giant metal hand capable of significant destructive force.
  • Captain of the Berserker pirates.
  • A Berserker pirate ship with large variety of weapons.


  • Size of metal hand can cause a loss of balance in combat.
  • Water, due to being a cyborg.


  • Mão de Martelo e os Berserkers parecem ter se afogado no final de O Terror de Mão de Martelo . Esta noção é corroborada por Mumm-Ra convocando o espírito de Mão de Martelo em Spitting Image . No entanto, de Martelo e os Berserkers estranhamente reaparecer vivo e bem nos ThunderCats - HO! Parte 1 com um olhar diferente, que é mais em linha com os seus homólogos de brinquedo LJN
  • Because of the changes in his appearance in the second season, the more likely it is a brother of Hammerhand.




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