‘’Helpless Laughter is the one hundred twenty first episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Helpless Laughter
Original Airdate September 18, 1989
Episode Number 121
Written By Matthew Malach
Season 4


A convergence of the Moons of Plun-Darr causes a drought on Thundera. Panthro and Snarf go looking for water, then Eezuka, the flying Serpent of Dreary Canal wanting to get water itself, attacks Panthro and Snarf and causes them to fall into the Swamp of the Laughing Lilypads, making them laugh out of control.

Eezuka then attacks the Lair, still looking for water. Lion-O uses the Sword to make some rain, then he and Bengali use the ThunderStrike to melt some ice, but Mumm-Ra comes along and causes a flood.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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