Issue 1
Comic Book Release Date December 1985
Publisher Star Comics
Story Writer(s) David Micheline
Penciler(s) Jim Mooney
Inker(s) Brett Breeding
Colorist(s) Petra Scotese
Letterer(s) Janiace Chiang
Previous None
Next Issue 02: Tears of Sunrise

The First issue of the Star Comics run on ThunderCats. The story is mostly a retelling of the first episode of the original series Exodus. It does have a few differences though.


The story begins with ships fleeing from the dying world of Thundera. The Thunderian pilgrims and Thundercat nobles watch helplessly as their planet dies. Unfortunately the fleet of ships is attacked by the mutants of the planet Plunn-Darr, destroying most of the ships and damaging the primary ship. Since the ship is damaged, Jaga must pilot the ship alone while the others rest in suspended animation. Unfortunately he does not survive the trip. The ship crash lands on Third Earth and the ThunderCats survive. However, the mutants followed the cats to this new world where they continue to antagonize the Thundercats.

Epilogue: The mutant ship is forced into a crash landing and the mutants meet with Mumm-Ra. They join forces against the Thundercats.




The comic was written and published before certain aspects of the original series canon were integrated or revealed. Some differences are a result of this; others are the result of the comic format.

  • Thundera in this series was destroyed when it slipped from its orbit and began swinging towards its sun.
  • Some dialogue is added in certain parts, but most of the dialogue does not change the story in any significant ways.
  • Instead of mystically granting the other Thundercats their weapons and clothes, Jaga first reveals them within a wardrobe, then uses his powers to give them their new equipment.

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