First appearance | Return to Thundera
Last appearance | Return to Thundera
Appeared in | Return To Thundera
Species | Saber toothed creature

Claudis and Kano bid farewell.

Kano was Lion-O's domesticated Thunderian pet Saber-Toothed tiger on Thundera. The cat was cared for by then Lord Claudus and his son, Lion-O. Kano was loyal, gentle and loving to her family, but vicious to any threat in whatever form.

When Lion-O, as an adult, traveled back in time to Thundera, Kano still recognized him and led him to his father nearby. After Lion-O was transported back in time, she stayed with the late Lord Claudus until his disappearance from Old Thundera.

Since the Kano did not join the ThunderCats in their escape from Thundera and is never heard from again, she presumably died upon the planet's destruction.


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