First appearance | Song of the Petalars
Voiced by | Patrick Cavanaugh
Name | Kask
Gender | Male
Species | Lizard
Affiliation | Mumm-Ra
Weapon(s) | Twin Swords

Kask is a Scout of the lizards. He seems to work in a special squad, lead by Khamai under General Slithe. He, along with Khamai and Sauro, tracked the Thundercats into Briar Wood and captured them, but thanks to the Petalars, his squad was beaten. It is thought that Kask was killed by the burning of Briar Wood by the lizard army's flamethrowers, but the Series creators denied it in their tumblr account.


He posseses a slim build. His eye and skin color is very pale compared to most lizards.


Unlike most Lizards, Kask was amphibious; being able to move though the water with ease and hold his breath for long periods of time.




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