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‘’Key To Thundera is the one hundred one episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Key To Thundera
Original Airdate September 19,1988
Episode Number 101
Written By Matthew Malach
Season 3


During an attempt to decode the Book of Omens, Lion-O accidentally traps himself within its pages, prompting Mumm-Ra to try to steal the book from Cats' Lair. Meanwhile, Panthro discovers a mysterious key on New Thundera.

He and Tygra head back to Third Earth with the key, not knowing what it's for. Back on Third Earth, Mumm-Ra is just about to boil the book when Lion-O calls for the sword, and it brings him and Snarf back outside. Mumm-Ra takes the sword and looks through it at the book, and he gets sucked in. But Lion-O has to save him because of the code of Thundera, and Lion-O does save him. Panthro and Tygra arrive with the key, and they realize it is the one the book was asking for.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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Previous episode:
"Exile Isle"
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"Return of the ThunderCubs"

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