First appearance | Song of the Petalars
Voiced by | James Arnold Taylor
Name | Khamai
Gender | Male
Species | Lizard
Affiliation | Mumm-Ra
Weapon(s) | Laser Pistol

Khamai is the leader of the special squad of the lizards. He works closely with General Slithe. He and his troops Kask and Sauro tracked Lion-O and the Thundercats into Briar Wood, but the Thundercats with the aid of the Petalars defeated Khamai's squad. When the lizard army used flamethrowers to burn Briar Wood, Slithe said Khamai was expendable. Khamai and his squad possibly were killed by the fire.


He is a very lanky humanoid chameleon light green skin.


Unlike most Lizards, Khamai has traits of a Chameleon, demonstrating the ability to blend into his surroundings rendering himself virtually invisible, he was also adept a climbing.

He seems to use guns primarily.




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