Kidworks Toyline: Lion-O
Kidworks LionO MOC
This is an image of Kidworks line's Lion-O
From Toyline  :  Kidworks Toyline
Features  :  Miniature figure
Accessories  :  Sword of Omens

Lion-O miniature figure that was part of the Kidworks Toyline was based on the 80's version ThunderCats series character Lion-O.

The only accessory included with the figure was the Sword of Omens. The sword's blade and eye were painted silver with the rest of it being brown. Lion-O's Claw Shield, also painted brown, was sculpted on the figure instead of being a separate accessory as was the case with most of the other toylines.

Mini Lion-O variant
The miniature Lion-O released in some South American countries like Argentina and Peru was a completely different figure with much bigger hair which was more in line with the cartoon Lion-O's appearance.

Also this variant did not have the Claw Shield painted on its arm.

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