LJN Toyline: Luna Tacker
Luna Tacker Toy
This is an image of the Luna Tacker
From Toyline  :  LJN Toyline
Series  :  Unproduced
Features  :  Creaking noise and Projectile spitting action
Accessories  :  6 Projectiles

Luna Tacker is an unproduced toy of the LJN Toyline. This vehicle never appeared in any episode of the 80's version ThunderCats series.

The powerful legs of this vehicle would have clawed at the ground, making a creaking noise as it moved along. The hidden lever would have controlled the head as it whipped up and down, spitting “fire ball” projectiles one after the other. The vehicle came with 6 projectiles included. However, since the toy never went into production, it is difficult to know how it functioned exactly.

The Luna Tacker, which appeared on some the LJN Mini Catalogues, would have been capable of seating one ThunderCat figure.


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