LJN Toyline: Purple Mumm-Ra
Purple Mumm-Ra
This is an image of Purple Lion-O
From Toyline  :  LJN Toyline
Series  :  Unproduced
Features  :  Not known
Accessories  :  Not known

Purple Mumm-Ra is an unproduced toy of the LJN Toyline. This version of Mumm-Ra never appeared in any episode of the ThunderCats (original series) cartoon.

The toy appeared on few catalogues and also on the packaging card of the Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra where it is shown wearing the Luna Lasher. The figure had a purple headdress and skirt and the bandages and logo on its chest were also purple in color whereas the normal Mumm-Ra had red paint on all these parts.

Since the toy never went into production and no other pictures of it ever appeared on any catalogues, it is not known whether it had the "Battle-Matic" arm action and/or the "Light-Up" eyes feature like the normal Mumm-Ra figure. It is also not known if the Purple Mumm-Ra would have come with accessories like his sword and his dagger.


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