LJN Toyline: Red Eye
Red Eye Figure
This is an image of Red Eye
From Toyline  :  LJN Toyline
Series  :  Unproduced
Features  :  Disc Shooting Action
Accessories  :  None

Red-Eye is an unproduced toy of the LJN Toyline and is based on the 80's version ThunderCats series character Red-Eye.

The toy would have featured a Disc Shooting action whereby pushing a button on its back would cause the figure to shoot flying discs from its chest. However, since the toy never went into production, it is difficult to know how it functioned exactly.

Red Eye Action

Red-Eye prototype showing its disc shooting chest

Red-Eye appeared on some LJN Catalogues alongside The Driller and The Stinger. Red-Eye was the only member of the Lunataks to be made into a toy albeit only as a prototype.


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