LJN Toyline: Thunderstrike
Thunderstrike toy
This is an image of the ThunderStrike
From Toyline  :  LJN Toyline
Series  :  Unproduced
Features  :  Conversion between Air-mode and Ground-mode, detachable pods, laser cannons
Accessories  :  None

ThunderStrike is an unproduced toy of the LJN Toyline and is based on the 80's version ThunderCats series vehicle ThunderStrike

Designed as a new vehicle for Pumyra,Lynx-O and Bengali, the toy would have featured a main central section and two detachable pods, making a vehicle that could operate as one unit or three. Each section would have been outfitted with laser cannons for interactive play with the Light Sabers Energy Packs and the Cats Lair.

When on the ground, the ship would have taken on the shape of an A-frame structure. In flight, the wings would have straightened out for better aerodynamics. When detached, each side pod would have had wings which would pop out for solo flight. As a special feature, the Lightning ThunderStrike vehicle would have had prerecorded messages which would have sounded when the vehicle received direct hits from attacking laser beams. However, since the toy never went into production, it is difficult to know how it functioned exactly.

The Feliner, which appeared on some the LJN Mini Catalogues, would have been capable of seating up to 3 ThunderCats figures.


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