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Thunderwings Lion-O card
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Thunderwings Lion-O is a toy that was released in Series 3 of the LJN Toyline and is based on the 80's version ThunderCats series character Lion-O.

Assortment Number

  • 3620


This particular figure differed from the regular Lion-O figure in that it did not have the "Light Up Eyes" feature. Instead it had painted eyes. The figure also lacked the "Battle-Matic Action" and so its back was devoid of both the Battle-Matic Lever as well as the Light Up Eyes contact point.

Because of these variations, the figure is often referred to as the "Solid Back" Lion-O to distinguish it from the regular Lion-O figure.

This figure was most likely produced to make it easier for the Thunderwings to fit onto the figure, due to the absence of the lever on its back.

Thunderwings and Normal Lion-O

Normal and Thunderwings Lion-O

This particular figure was never featured on any of the Mini Catalogues nor did it appear on any card backs. Instead the Red Lion-O was the one that was advertised with the Thunderwings.


The figure came packaged along with the Thunderwings vehicle and was packaged slightly differently than the other figures in the toyline. The toy's card had a hole in the middle in which the figure stood with the plastic bubble enclosing it from both the front and the back. This different packaging was probably due to the size of the figure and the vehicle being packaged together.


There are no known variations of this figure.


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