LJN Toyline: Tygra
This is a image of Tygra (Young) as he appears in Series 2 with Wilykat PVC.
From Toyline  :  LJN Toyline
Series  :  Series 1 through Series 3
Features  :  Battle-Matic Action lever on the back to move Tygra’s arm
Accessories  :  Bolo whip (Series 2 only) Wilykat PVC

Tygra is a toy that was released in every series of the LJN Toyline and is based on the 80's version ThunderCats series character Tygra.

Assortment Number

  • 3500 (Series 1, Young version)
  • 3500 (Series 1, Young version with Wilykat)
  • 3545 (Series 2, Young version with Wilykat)
  • 3500 (Series 2, Old version)
  • 3545 (Series 2, Old version with Wilykat)
  • 3606 (Rainbow Toys)
  • 3606 (Childbro)


The toy featured the "Battle-Matic Action" where by pushing the lever on its back down made Tygra's arm move up and down. The figure also had poseable arms, head, and legs.


PVC Wilykat

PVC Wilykat

The main accessory included with all the figures was the Bolo Whip which consisted of an orange plastic tube housing a blue string with two orange beads at its ends. There were many variations of the Bolo Whip such as difference in the length of the string and length of the handle as well as different shaped handles. The Tygra figure released by Childbro and some of the Tygra figures released by Rainbow Toys had a Bolo Whip with a black handle instead of the regular orange one.

Some figures also included a PVC Wilykat figure. The PVC Wilykat did not have any articulations or features. When LJN released its second wave of ThunderCats toys, a much larger and fully articulated Wilykat figure was released as a separate toy.


LJN Young and Old Tygra

"Young" and "Old" Tygra figures

Two versions of this figure were produced, referred to as "Young" and "Old" Tygra which are completely different models. The Young version was the first to be produced and was part of the Series 1 Toyline. The Older version appeared from Series 2 onwards. Tygra is the only figure in the LJN toyline to have two completely different designs.

There were at least three different head color variations of the Old Tygra figure. Some had the orange painted nose, others had an unpainted nose and some had unpainted lower half of their hair.

LJN Old Tygra Variants

Old Tygra Head Variations.

In addition to variations in the head paint, there were also some figures which had green strips painted underneath their feet and others without the strip.

LJN Old Tygra Feet Variants

Old Tygra feet variations


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