Lion-O Mini Statue
LionO Icon Heroes
Name | Lion-O Mini Statue
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Material: Resin

Size: 6"

Release date: July 2010

This is the first ThunderCats statue made by Icon Heroes. It is based on the 80's ThunderCats version of Lion-O . He is depicted holding the Sword of Omens and wearing the Claw Shield, standing on a forest environment base.

In the same year, an exclusive version was released at the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC). The SDCC exclusive had a sand-themed diorama base, while the regular edition mini-statue had a forest-themed diorama base. In addition, the SDCC exclusive displayed Lion-O holding the Sword of Omens in its short form, while the regular edition had the sword in its full-length version. An exclusive ThunderCats magnet was also given out with each statue sold at the convention.

LionO Icon Heroes SDCC

SDCC Lion-O Mini Statue

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