Lizard Cook
Lizard Cook
First appearance | Trouble with Time
Last appearance | Trouble with Time
Name | Lizard Cook
Gender | Male
Species | Mutant
Affiliation | Mutants
Weapon(s) | None
Voiced by  | None

The Lizard Cook is the Mutants' food preparer. He is a very slim and aged reptile. He has a pale greyish skin with wrinkling scales especially around his neck. His body also has a few spots on it mainly around the shoulders and hips. Unlike the Mutants, he is not clad in any sort of garment. He has short spines projecting out of his back which begin from his head and extend all the way to his short tail.

He only appeared in one episode, Trouble with Time. He did not have a speaking role and only made an appearance to serve food to the Mutants. Apparently the broth that he prepared wasn't very appetizing, as made clear by the Mutants' criticism upon tasting it.

While the origins of the Lizard Cook are never revealed, he most likely was an inhabitant of Plun-Darr and came to Third Earth along with the Mutants in their spaceship.


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