‘’Ma-Mutt’s Confusion is the one hundred twenty fourth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Ma-Mutt's Confusion
Original Airdate November 27 1986
Episode Number 124
Written By Beth Bornstein
Date First Aired November 27 1986
Season 4
Animation Company Rankin/Bass


Mumm-Ra unwraps a new device, the Babylonian Barbarian Boiler, that he plans to use on Cats' Lair.  Mumm-Ra enlists Ma-Mutt to help, but Ma-Mutt just causes trouble.  Mumm-Ra loses his patience and banishes him from the Black Pyramid.

Meanwhile, the Thunderkittens are taking Snarf and Snarfer along for a ride on their Space Boards.  Then, while exploring the Jungle of Darkness on foot, they stumble upon a lost and lonely Ma-Mutt who's fallen into a hole. 

Ma-Mutt is brought back to Cats Lair and temporarily adopted when Mumm-Ra fires the Boiler's beam at the Lair.  The Thunderkittens and Snarfer suggest that Panthro build a device to translate for Ma-Mutt in case he knows anything about the beam.  However, the adult ThunderCats explain that there isn't enough time due to the nature of the emergency -- a rapidly melting Lair.  Thus, the adults set out to work on recreating a larger version of Lynx-O's Light Shield and mount it on the HoverCat.

Snarfer and Wilykat are still determined to build a translation device and Snarfer produces just that.  He calls it S.I.S.S., which stands for Snarfer's Interspecies Speaking System, and volunteers his uncle to put on a cap to connect his brain to Ma-Mutt's.  Snarf reluctantly agrees and Ma-Mutt soon reveals that the melting is due to the Babylonian Barbarian Boiler in Mumm-Ra's pyramid.

Mumm-Ra, learning of this treachery, uses his magic to stop Ma-Mutt from revealing anything else about his plans.  The ThunderCats continue to press Ma-Mutt for more information, but all he will say is:

"My name is Ma-Mutt, assistant to Mumm-Ra the Everliving, Dog License #3462."

Mumm-Ra uses the Cauldron's magic to reach out and bring Ma-Mutt back.

Meanwhile, Lion-O is piloting the HoverCat and deploys the Light Shield to block the Boiler's beam.  This works temporarily but Mumm-Ra increases the power output of the boiler and the shield breaks.  However, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to summon the Eye of Thundera, which then repels the energy beam all the way back to the pyramid and destroys the boiler.  The Eye also restores the Lair to its pre-melted state.

Meanwhile, having reduced half the pyramid to rubble due to the Thundercats fending off the beam which has blown up the machine, Mumm-ra frantically searches for Ma-mutt. They reconcile after Mumm-ra is incredibly relieved that his pet is alright and vows that from now on he will make him the "happiest, most horrible dog in the universe."


The moral is relayed when Snarfer and Snarf speculate on why Ma-Mutt was so friendly.  Snarfer thinks that it was because Mumm-Ra was mean to him, but Snarf claims that it was probably an elaborate setup by Mumm-Ra.  Lion-O adds:

"Come on, Snarf, you can't live your entire life suspecting the worst of everyone.  You have to give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes."




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