‘’Malcar is the one hundred twentieth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Original Airdate September 15, 1989
Episode Number 120
Written By George Hampton,Mike Moore
Season 4


Mumm-Ra summons Malcar, an ancient alchemist, to return from the dead. The alchemist returns old and weak, and Mumm-Ra must restore his youth and power. So Mumm-Ra sends him to the Canyon of Youth in order to restore his youth and effectively attack the ThunderCats. Malcar regains his powers and immediatly uses them against the Thundercats.

However, the plan to use the canyon backfires the second time around. Jaga comes to fight Mumm-Ra, while the battle is going on Mumm-Ra accidentally leaves Malcar in the canyon far longer than he should have. Making the alchemist revert into an infant. With no memory of his previous life, the baby Malcar is given by Lion-O and the Thundercats to a Thunderian couple who arrive on New Thundera.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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