Marvel UK (comics)
MarvelUK 001
Name | Marvel UK (comics)
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Marvel UK was an imprint of Marvel Comics formed in 1972 to reprint US-produced stories for the British market, though it later did produce original material by British creators such as Alan Moore, John Wagner, Dave Gibbons, Steve Dillon and Grant Morrison. Even though it published comics for the British audience, it was under the editorial direction of Marvel's New York offices until 1979, when Dez Skinn was hired to run things from the London office. Marvel UK published a number of famous comic titles, one of them being ThunderCats .

The Marvel UK ThunderCats series was very similar to the Star Comics series (some of the Star comics and some of its own earlier comics were reprinted). It ran for 129 issues (by far the longest running series). It also had various seasonal specials, trade paperbacks and annual comics. During Star Comics' run, Marvel UK published the first issue of their line of ThunderCats comics in March of 1987. Unlike Star Comics, Marvel UK's issues were published weekly until issue #84, when it became a biweekly publication. Issue #95 began the start of monthly publication which lasted until issue #105, when a biweekly publishing schedule was resumed up to #129, the final issue, in January of 1991.


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