Matthew Mercer
500px-Matthew Mercer Headshot
First appearance | The Sword of Omens
Last appearance | What Lies Above, Part 2
Name | Matthew Mercer
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Matthew Mercer (born June 29, 1982 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) is an American voice actor, script writer, and independent film maker.

Beginning his career in many Japanese Anime, his work has expanded to a multitude of roles in video games, Cartoon series, and radio commercials. He directed and produced the hit web-series There Will Be Brawl, where he provides the voices for Kirby and Metaknight and portrays the role of Ganondorf. He has been a guest at conventions around the world, hosting at events such as Anime Expo, Anime Matsuri, Kollisioncon, and Ayacon. Mercer produced, alongside Jack Conway, the webseries Fear News With The Last Girl.

Mercer is the voice actor for Tygra and Driller in the new version of ThunderCats.

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