First appearance | Excalibur
Last appearance | Excalibur
Name | Merlin
Gender | Male
Affiliation | King Arthur
Weapon(s) | Magic
Voiced by  | Earl Hammond

Merlin was a powerful wizard during the Medieval times, and was King Arthur's teacher and gave him the magical sword Excalibur, which he himself had create and gave many of its great abilities. In his encounter with Lion-O, he appeared just as Mumm-Ra, who had unjustly taken Excalibur, had defeated Lion-O with it. Merlin easily banished Mumm-Ra and restored the Eye of Thundera. He told Lion-O that Excalibur was his now and he must decided it's fate but Lion-O, feeling unworthy of it, decided that Merlin should return the sword back to the Lady of the Lake.



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