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First appearance | Curse of Ratilla
Last appearance | Curse of Ratilla
Voiced by | Kevin Michael Richardson
Name | Mordax
Gender | Male
Species | Mutant
Affiliation | Rats

Mordax was a servant of Ratar-O and was often the subject of the Rat leader's abuse (This was possibly how he lost his eye). When Lion-O showed him kindness by convincing Pumyra to spare his life, Mordax took advantage of them, capturing them for Ratar-O. However, after learning how little Ratar-O valued him, Mordax eventually betrayed his former master, saying, "Kill him yourself," and returned to Lion-O his sword and gauntlet. Mordax left after that.


Notes say's he is a White Mouse who want's to be a Rat, which is probably why he was mistreated by the tyrant Ratar-O.

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