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Mumm-Ra the Ever-living Staction Statue
Mumm-Ra Icon Heroes
Name | Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living Staction Statue
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Material: PVC

Size: 8"

Release date: July/August 2011

This is the fifth ThunderCats statue made by Icon Heroes, and the third PVC figure. It was based on the 80's ThunderCats version of Mumm-Ra . Unlike the previous two PVC mini-statues, Mumm-Ra did not come with any additional accessories or interchangeable pieces.

Mumm-Ra was available for purchase first at the Comic Con in July, then in August for the regular release. For every Mumm-Ra staction purchased, Comic Con attendees received an exclusive Ma-Mutt staction figure.

Due to the figure’s large scale, Mumm-Ra was packaged in a black box with his signature emblem and a gatefold was used to incorporate his tomb fortress as a diorama set piece.

In September 2011, a "Retro Colored" version was released at the Power-Con/ThunderCon and then at the New York Comic Con the following month. This variant staction used the same exact sculpt as the regular version Mumm-Ra staction with special paint application that payed homage to the vintage LJN Toyline: Mumm-Ra action figure from the 1980s LJN Toyline. Some of the differences include a larger emblem on the staction figure’s chest, a greenish-gray body color, and a red/black color scheme for the bandages, head dress, and skirt.

Mumm-Ra Icon Heroes variant

Retro Colored Mumm-Ra staction figure

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