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Mutant Mothership
First appearance | Exodus
Name | Mutant Mothership
Affiliation | Mutants

The Mutant Mothership is the ship in which the Mutants came to Third Earth in. It is a very large ship, accommodating many Mutant troops, as well as a number of Mutant vehicles. It was sunk into the Desert Sinking Sands by Mumm-Ra.


The Mutant Mothership had many capabilities. It was shown in "Exodus" to have abilities to carry many small Mutant Ships. It had grabbling rays to hold a ship to board, and a air tight glass tube to help aid boarders to make the hole in a ship to get on the other ship. A transport beam can also be used under the ship.

In "The Spaceship Beneath the Sands" it was shown carrying the NoseDiver and SkyCutter.



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