First appearance | The Tower of Traps
Last appearance | The Tower of Traps
Name | Octopoid

The Octopoid is a giant octopus-like creature with a single huge glowing eye and a powerful crushing beak for a mouth. Just like an octopus, it also possesses eight tentacles with suckers on their lower surface. However, each of its tentacles ends in a sharp, snapping, scissor-like claw. Also while the octopus is an aquatic creature, the fierce Octopoid is terrestrial.

The Octopoid was employed by Baron Karnor as one of the booby traps in his Black Tower. It resided in a pit in one of the rooms and when an unsuspecting victim entered the room, the carpet on the floor was pulled up with the victim wrapped inside and dangled over the hungry cephalopod.

Lion-O also fell victim to the Octopoid in The Tower of Traps and would have been devoured by the beast but at the last moment he managed to escape by jamming a nearby lying shield into the creature's mouth.


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