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The Petalars are a small race of flower-like people, who possess a very short lifespan, with most living no more than a day.


The life of a Petalar begins as a seedling, where their elders stated that the newborn were given a wondrous gift, namely the gift of life; which would not be there forever but was cherished. These events were accompanied by wondrous singing, by the Petalars, and their elders at times died in happiness, for bringing a new life to the world, with their bodies disintegrating in their last moments; whilst their people continued to endure. Despite these traits, they are a highly optimistic people who possess a calm upbeat attitude towards life.

This species resided on Third Earth in a far off paradise that they knew as the Garden. At some unspecified point, a great disaster befell their people when a mighty wind the likes of which their race had never seen before struck their home. The wind swept up the entire Petalar race and scattered them across the world. A large number of Petalars were brought to Briar Wood where they became trapped in this new land and attempted to make a new home for themselves. For generations, they remained in this site but had created a map that led to the "Cliff of Winds" where they intended to ride the winds to return to their original homeland.

During this time, the Petalars met Lion-O and the ThunderCats who were fleeing the Lizards after the destruction of Thundera. Forging a friendship with them, the Petalars and ThunderCats worked together in order to escape the Briar Woods. When the Woods were put on fire by the Lizards, it created a draft that allowed the Petalars to fly back home. Before he died, Emrick thanked Lion-O for his friendship and help to his people as they flew into the winds, presumably back to the Gardens.


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