Peter Lawrence was a big writer of 21 episodes of Thundercats. Also the writer of The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest as well as a number of books. Peter Lawrence was the author of the following Thundercats episodes:

15. The Time Capsule

20. Mongor

22. Snarf Takes Up The Challenge

29. Sixth Sense

31. The Astral Prison

35. The Rock Giant

37. Mechanical Plague

38. The Demolisher

41. Excalibur

46. Good and Ugly

91. ThunderCubs Part 1

92. ThunderCubs Part 2

93. ThunderCubs Part 3

94. ThunderCubs Part 4

95. ThunderCubs Part 5

97. The Chain of Loyalty

111. Return to Thundera Part 1

112. Return to Thundera Part 2

113. Return to Thundera Part 3

114. Return to Thundera Part 4

115. Return to Thundera Part 5

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