Playful Toyline: Good Shuttle Gun
Playful Good Shuttlegun
This is an image of Playful line's Good Shuttle Gun.
From Toyline  :  Playful Toyline
Features  :  Movable back fin
Accessories  :  None

Good Shuttle Gun was a vehicle that was produced as part of the Playful Toyline. The vehicle never appeared in any episode of the 80's version ThunderCats series cartoon. It was produced exclusively by Playful Toys.

Shuttle Guns were small hovercraft type vehicles that were fully armed with side guns. There were two types of Shuttle Guns produced, one for Good ThunderCats and one for Evil Mutants. They were each chromed and had handlebars to allow steering. They had a back fin that moved from side to side and was controlled by the handlebars.

The Shuttle Guns were released alone and as a Deluxe Pack as well with a figure included. The following two Double packs were released:

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