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Playful Toyline: Lynx-O

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Playful Toyline: Lynx-O
Playful Lynx-O
This is an image of Playful line's Lynx-O
From Toyline  :  Playful Toyline
Features  :  Battle-Matic Action lever on the back to move the figure's arm.
Accessories  :  Shield

Lynx-O figure that was part of the Playful Toyline was based on the 80's version ThunderCats series character Lynx-O.

Like its LJN counterpart, the toy featured the "Battle-Matic Action" whereby pushing down the lever on its back, made the figure's arm move up and down. The only accessory included with the figure was the Shield.

The main differences between the Playful and LJN version of this figure are:

  • The Playful figure was made from a modified Jaga figure base.
  • The Playful figure had a different shield which was completely silver.

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