The pods are detachable vehicles of the Thundertank. Up till now they have been only seen once in the episode Sight Beyond Sight.


Very little is known about their history except that they are part of the ThunderTank. They were used by Tygra and Lion-O as racers in the episode Sight Beyond Sight.


In the episode Sight Beyond Sight, it is revealed that the outriggers contain two detachable vehicles. These vehicles, which are similar to motorcycles, take up the outside half of each outrigger and launch forward to separate from the tank after the claws pivot up out of the way. These pods have a medium sized wheel in front
and a larger wheel in back on an articulating arm that lifts the back end up after it launches. To enter a panel on top lifts up and slides forward over the cat-shaped figurehead marking so that a single rider can sit inside. The cockpits have no windows and instead provide real-time footage of the surroundings on internal view screens. These screens also include a radar display that warns the pilot if the pod is targeted by missiles. The pods are faster than the ThunderTank, but slower than Cheetara. As of yet, there is no indication if the pods are armed or not.


The pods are faster than the ThunderTank but slower than Cheetara. They have a very quick movement and have tricked the missiles of the ThunderTank.


The Pods have been only once seen outside the ThunderTank when Tygra and Lion-O each took one Pod and raced the ThunderTank and Cheetara.

Apperance (outside the ThunderTank)

Sight Beyond Sight (only apperance)

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