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First appearance | Feliner, Part 1
Last appearance | ThunderCats - HO!, Part 4
Appeared in | 5
Name | Ratar-O
Gender | Male
Affiliation | Mutant
Weapon(s) | Rat's Eye
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden

The 2011 version see here

Ratar-O is one of the commanders of the Mutants and captain of The Ratstar.


His weapons of choice are a pair of sais called the Rat's Eye. He can also fly using boosters in his shoes.


Arrogant and domineering leader, Ratar-O is a Mutant commander. Ratar-O has proven to be one of the ThunderCats’ deadliest foes. He once forced Slithe into serving under him. Ratar-O’s greatest supporter appears to be Vultureman, who served him loyally, co-piloting the Mutant commander’s signature vehicle, the Ratstar.

Rataro bring it on

Ratar-O in his "Bring it on" Stance


Thundercat signal "Then let's get to work here!"
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