Ro-Bear Beebo
212px-Ro-bear beebo 225px
First appearance | Berbils (2011 TV series episode)
Last appearance | Berbils (2011 TV series episode)
Gender | male
Species | Berbil
Family | Ro-Bear bill (father), Ro-Bear bella (mother)

Ro-Bear Beebo is a member of the Berbil race (also known as Ro-Bear Berbils), a group of small robotic bears.


Ro-Bear Beebo is the son of Ro-Bear Bill, unoffical leader of the Ro-Bear Berbils.

He made fast friends with the ThunderCats after they saved him and his mother from the Conquedor.


Like all Berbils, Beebo has the ability to form a small sphere and bounce at a relativly high speed.



  • Beebo is the first child Berbil ever seen. This also may indicate that despite being machine the Berbils may be able to age and reproduce through some method.

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